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I got a laptop!

4/21/13 by Madjasper1

Hey guys,
It was my birthday a few days ago, and after 2 years of asking I finally got a PL (personal laptop) it runs Windows XP which isn't the best, but it is much better than Vista, oh, and since I got this laptop, I may be able to animate more, I just need to get Flash onto it, that should be easy.
So yeah, that's all.


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Its called rebooting you lappy with a different os. :D



Win XP is still the second best Windows OS out there. Congrats!

4/26/13 (Updated 4/26/13) Madjasper1 responds:

I agree, thanks!



That's awesome! :D
You should consider getting Windows 7 if you can.

4/22/13 Madjasper1 responds:

I can't, the laptop specifically runs Windows XP, otherwise I would.