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Official? Windows Vista Errors Song

2013-05-12 09:11:48 by Madjasper1

Hey there guys, Windows Vista Errors is coming along nicely, I hope to get it done in a couple of months or less, but I need a bit of help.

If you saw Windows XP errors (1 and 2) you would know I used this song by the amazing haloflooder: Windows XPlosion now I'm not going to use this song for Windows Vista Errors as Windows XPlosion is Windows XP style, and this is Vista, so it wouldn't make much sense.

I have a choice of what song to use, and I need you to decide.

Shall I use a 2 second loop by haloflooder
Windows Vista Loop 1

Or shall I use a song by Diabolo-ical
The Windows Vista Song

Or should I try and make one by myself, bearing in mind I've never made a song with Windows Sounds.

Loop by original guy, song by completely different guy, or song by creator of the Error Series?

Whichever gets the most votes by the 20th May 2013, will be used for the error gallery.

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Edit: As you might of noticed, I got Hiphop eJay 2 on my new laptop, so I'm going to try and submit a new song every 2 days until I run out of ideas, however, this is not going to stop me making Windows Vista Errors.

Another Edit: I have another making of video that I uploaded 2 days ago, if you wanna watch it, click this link:Making of Windows Vista Errors Pt 2


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2013-05-14 05:55:14

Windows Vista Loop 1 sounded good for maybe half a minute. Too trippy after that! I'd go ith the other, or a custom track, that'd always be interesting. :)

I bought HipHop Ejay 2 too, I don't think it works on my current computer but it'll be fun to try out some time. Was using 5 and 6 earlier.

Madjasper1 responds:

Hip hop eJay 2 doesn't work on my Windows 7 computer, but it works fine on Windows XP, I think I might make a track with Dance 7 at some point as it let's you make your own melodies.

I agree to go with the other one, I might try and make a Vista song myself at some point, but if I don't use it, the chances are I'll do the other song, unless a group of 3 or more people on Newgrounds write to me saying "WE WANT TEH SECOND LOOP Y DON;T U YUSE TEH 2ND LOOPE, ALSO WHY DID;NT YOU USE MY EROR IDEAZ RAHB:ALHFSHADSDIHSAUDFHIUIUJH"

(Spelling and Grammar mistakes are intentional)



2013-05-14 11:46:00

Is it Win 7 it doesn't work on, or 64-bit computers in general? I have my old 32-bit XP saved specifically for stuff like this. :) Dance 7 was a lotta fun too!

Madjasper1 responds:

I don't know, I've tried running Dance 2 it in compatibility mode, yet it doesn't work, I think it might be 64-bit computers, I dunno, but yeah, anyway my Dance eJay 2 disk is scratched to fuck, so it doesn't work on my XP laptop either >:(

Dance 7 was definitely one of the better ones.