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Nearly there! (Nearly)

2013-05-19 11:08:43 by Madjasper1

I have nearly finished Windows Vista Errors, nearly, I just got to do 3 more programs, the errors (52 errors to make) and then the behind-the-scenes.

This game (not really much of a game) will have 6 medals, they are going to be hard(er) to get, you are going have to search hard(er) to find them.

Oh. and the pop ups may or may not be in this one, if you want me to add them, let me know below and maybe I'll make a few, but I feel like they aren't going to be funny, most of them aren't, they are just excuses for me to make my game look longer, but they aren't that great.

That's all, don't forget to subscribe to my gaming channel (1 or 2 videos a week)

And visit my World of text, you can type or delete text.

World of text - Madjasper1


Edit: I'm now making the errors! (unless I'm asleep or in school) Another thing I'll be adding to some errors are comments explaining jokes or saying important stuff about the errors.

Another Edit: I haven't uploaded them yet, but I'm going to eventually place all the links to the making of videos here.


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2013-05-21 11:30:44

It's going good!

(Updated ) Madjasper1 responds:

Yep, I'll hopefully have it done before the end of the month but I can't promise anything as I'm making more than I intended.