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R.I.P Gran Turismo 3 2001-2013

2013-07-02 17:31:31 by Madjasper1

Hey guys, so have you ever played an old Playstation 2 game that gave you childhood memories and you'd never let go of those memories? Well I have, and me and my dad wanted to kill the time, so we played a bit of Gran Turismo 3, which is a PS2 racing simulator, anyway my mum comes in and tells me that Hells Kitchen will be on in 20 minutes, me and my dad agree to have 1 final race on Super Speedway (a small oval-shaped track) for 20 laps with the fastest cars that my dad unlocked, then the game got stuck on the loading screen and I restarted the console, Gran Turismo wouldn't load, I restarted it again, not loading, restart, not loading.

My dad looks at the disk, it is scratched to fuck, so it's no longer playable, which means I've lost a very important and memorable game, that took 12 years to die, so now that Gran Turismo 3 and 4 are both gone, I can't regain those memories.

It is a shame, but hopefully I will regain a copy of those games again, because those games (I feel) are better than the new Forza Motorsport games.

So yeah, Rest in Peace Gran Turismo 3 and 4, hopefully I'll get the games back on Amazon or something but until then, goodbye Gran Turismo.

In Animation news, I have sent some button sample's to FraserKaye for this Point-and-click game and I haven't got a response from him yet, but maybe we'll get that done soon.

Also, I brought Surgeon Simulator 2013 today, so I'll do a playthrough on that for my Gaming channel (I'm editing a video for that) and I've been inspired to make a Hospital Simulator 2013 game, where you find and select the right tools for different appointments, I'll be releasing a 3 or 4 level demo of that game at somepoint, I don't know when, but since I've got a lot on my mind right now, it should be done in a month or less.

And...I don't have anything else to say except for:

If you interested in my Gaming Channel, link here:

Also, whenever I'm working on Flash, I'll be using Twitter, so link here:

Now I'm off to bed.



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2013-07-05 00:14:21

I know that feeling man. I am sorry for your loss. I hope another copy is bestowed upon you before the PS2 ceases its functionality as well. Peace. :(

Madjasper1 responds:

I got a copy on Gran Turismo 3 yesterday, brand new and everything, but now the PS2 is struggling to play it, so yeah, I think I'm going to have to say goodbye to the PS2 sooner or later. D: