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Got my gaming channel back up!

2013-07-07 10:22:47 by Madjasper1

Hey, I finally got my gaming channel back working, the sound quality of my microphone is worse than my other microphone, but I can actually put videos up.

Here is the video of me announcing my channel again:
Here is this week's video, me playing The Sims: re=c4-overview&list=UUHJxEPN5JjMPkxRhsvcOaDw

So yeah, hope you enjoy, if you like my videos, please subscribe.
I'll try to do one video a week, if I can make them faster, I'll try to do more than that.

Also, me and FraserKaye won't be doing this point-and-click game, so I'm just going to work on Hospital Simulator 2013 Demo, which I finally have an idea for (my previous idea was terrible)!

So that's the update, I'll be tweeting whenever I'm working on Hospital Simulator 2013 Demo so check my twitter whenever often, I probably won't be doing much tweeting on Weekdays because of school.

So that's everything!


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