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My nail has come off!

2013-07-14 06:49:46 by Madjasper1

Hello, so 2 days ago, I lost my index finger's nail, let me explain...


(Friday) My dad left for France a few days ago, he was taking down our old barn, smashing it down, and while he was away, I was told to do it during the weekend. I wanted to get it out of the way, so I started during the evening when it was less hot, I did one side and got a load of bricks out of the way, then I did the other side, I held it differently, and I aimed for a higher point on the wall, finger got in the way of the hammer, and it got hit between the hammer and the partly loose bricks and it hurt like a clusterfuck.
My nail was completely loose except it stood on the edge of my finger, so it was still attached just not by much, it of course bled like lava, and I was in serious pain, thanks to my bro, sister and mother the bleeding stopped after 15 minutes, but it still hurt, so an ambulance came and looked at it, they put a dressing on it, and my mother drove me to the hospital, then we were sent to another hospital which was an hour's drive away from the first hospital, then we waited in an emergency room for half an hour, then they took us in, I was on a mattress for about 20 minutes, then they took an x-ray (Saturday), after that we waited another 20 minutes and someone cut the nail off, it hurt like a clusterfuck again and my entire index finger is now wrapped up in a tiny bandage with plaster around it to keep the bandage on, so I can't write anymore, I can click and type with my fuck off (middle) finger but it is rather uncomfortable.

So because of that, production on Hospital Simulator 2013 Demo has stopped until my nail grows back and I can write again.
Thanks for reading this far.


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2013-07-14 11:31:16

Hospital Simulator? Sounds like you've got some personal experience to add to the game now, for added realism ;)

Madjasper1 responds:

Yep, I'll add that in the full game.


2013-07-14 12:10:56

Oh fuck.

Madjasper1 responds:

.kcuf hO


2013-07-20 00:00:26

feel better

Madjasper1 responds:

Nearly recovered, I should be able to use Flash again soon.