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Entry #107

Review for: Breakout

2013-09-18 06:20:38 by Madjasper1

Game Title: Breakout
Game Link:


The Review: Breakout is a classic game, not the version I'm reviewing but the original, in fact, I love most Breakout games I've played, but this one is completely laughable.

Starting the game will give you an instruction screen and shows the only level you will be playing on, after you press enter to start the game you are given a purple ball and paddle and a grey wall pops up out of nowhere to stop you flying off the map.
The game behaves like any odd Breakout game, left and right to move the paddle and make sure you don't miss otherwise you lose 1 of your 3 lives.
How well does the paddle move? For me it is a bit too light and it gets a while to get used to, but it is fine after that, but I noticed something with the ball, if you try to hit it with the left side of your paddle, it will pop further up on the screen and move further away making it harder to hit, which is really the only problem I have with this game.
So is this game good or not? Well for a Breakout game it just doesn't seem like much having only 120 blocks to hit and no other levels to play on as far as I can tell, I still haven't completed the level because of the horrible glitch with the ball making it harder to play.


Graphics: 1/5
Interactivity: 2/5
Sound: 2/5
Plot: 0/5
Fun: 2/5

Overall: 9/25

Recommendation Rate: Avoid this.

Review for: Breakout


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