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Review for: Street Race 2 - Nitro

2013-09-18 17:16:58 by Madjasper1

Game Title: Street Race 2 - Nitro
Game Link:


The Review: I've always been a fan of the racing genre, but what happens when you take sports and race cars and plop them in a linear racer? You get Age of Speed, but you also get this: Street Race 2 - Nitro.

Honestly that all I can think of when playing this, this is essentially a clone of Age of Speed.
Anyway let's do some proper reviewing. The game has 4 cars to choose from with 3 locked from the start, the only way to unlock them is to get in a certain position (not including sex positions)in a certain race, which is a nice idea to be honest.
Before you begin a race you are given the options of upgrading your selected car in 4 places, Turbo, Aerodynamics, Engine and Tyres, and you upgrade them by earning money from winning races, each upgrade levels up your part and costs more later - obviously - and that is pretty much it.
To the racing itself, it is a nice 3D racer, the controls and movement are smooth and not complicated and your opponents - although they have similar cars to you - they play on a nice difficulty that isn't too easy or too hard, and if you need a speed boost their is a Nitro boost that you can activate once a race or until it recharges.
But there are several problems with the way you bump into these cars, for example I drove into someone's car, and instead of slowing down like I should of done, I drove straight through him, I tried this again and it didn't happen so I must of been at a certain angle, but it still kinda bugged me. What also annoys me is that although the graphics are really nicely done, there is no grass or city - besides a few skyscrapers near the road - around, so it kinda feels like a post-apocalyptic world more than anything.
Another thing you have to deal with in this game are police cars that roam the city, they don't do anything other than get in the way and blare their sirens.
But other than those few things the game is a lot of fun, it may not be perfect and it may be ripping ideas off of Age of Speed, but I really enjoyed this.


Graphics: 4/5
Interactivity: 4/5
Sound: 3/5
Plot: 2/5
Fun: 5/5

Overall: 18/25

Recommendation Rate: Kinda Recommended.

Review for: Street Race 2 - Nitro


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