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Review for: The Stick Adventure

2013-09-20 05:51:50 by Madjasper1

Game Title: The Stick Adventure
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The Review:

A short game today, meaning a short review...or...not.

Stickman games are lots of fun if they are done well, games like Experiment 51, Stickman Sam and Xiao Xiao 9 were all executed really well, but if you want a point-and-click adventure/action stickman game, then you could always ask me to make you one, they aren't hard to make, or you could also play The Stick Adventure, which was released last year.

Before I review lets go back in time a bit. On July the 23rd of 2011 Jeffyx released his first game, which was actually just one of those 'Choose the animation' games, and because of it's unoriginality with the jokes and genre, it wasn't very well received at first, but many people still praised it because it was his first flash and it was actually pretty good.
Over the following months Jeffyx continued making stick games that were all point-and-click, the best one he made that year was titled: Stick Wrestling which was surprisingly original. Yeah it still was a point-and-click game but it was more of a 'choose who attacks, then choose the next attacker until you unlock all the combo's' game.

Then 2012 came along and he made a game called The Stick Adventure, his best submission to date, and at this moment it has 62,293 Views and he won Daily 5th with it.

But now to reviewing the game, the game starts off with the Endless Handbag Loop which is a classic looped song, and it has the Stick Adventure for a title with play and instruction buttons, also in the lower left their is a button that should supposedly show you more stuff from Jeffyx, but this button doesn't work for some reason.

Clicking play with show you a cutscene of a blue-headed stickman sleeping on the ground, you can skip this by clicking the Skip button on the top-right. He then wakes up and he says "Where am I.............?". Yes there are a lot of full stops for some reason.
The graphics are nice to say the least, the background shows a potential sunrise, and the grass is dark to show this.
After clicking the Click to Continue button you are then given the option to either go left or right, you are given buttons to do so, I won't give everything away from here but what you a supposed to do is go one way to get a gun, then go the other way to use the gun on a 3-man army of stickfigures. If you die their are hints and the occasional pun.

There is a shooting bit, where the 3-man army mentioned before come in, before you can do this bit you need the gun I mentioned before as well. The shooting is actually quite hard to do because you have to do headshots and you don't have much time before the enemies shoot you, so this seems to be the only challenging thing about the game. Their is even a guy who can dodge your bullets.

But after you complete it you can then enter the next room which isn't challenging at all, some stickman with a riot shield comes along to stop you climbing up a ladder. However, magic grey arrows point to where you are supposed to shoot in order to kill him. This bit could be more challenging like for example, the guy could run up to you and smack you to death with his riot shield and you only have a short amount of time kill him.

The last bit is the easiest bit of the game, you click on a bad guy who has his back turned to you to kill him, their is a box next to him, but if you put your mouse over it text appears above your character's head saying "I should probably take him out first", I do wish you could click on the box to show like an animation of your character getting killed, but no such luck.

After you kill this bad guy you then click the box to get a parachute and you escape the building only to land where you started again and this is where I start end the review.

Basically this game has a bit of extra potential, but doesn't quite reach it, and I don't know why you end where you started. This should hopefully be answered in a sequel, but it's been a year and we haven't seen anything relating to this game.

So , is this game good or not? Well yes it is fun to play occasionally even if you played it seventy million times, but let's be honest here, their isn't much to see, their are not a lot of choices and the their is not plot as far as I can tell, but it is still enjoyable, and I do find myself coming back to it to shoot the heads off of stickmen.


Graphics: 4/5
Interactivity: 3/5
Sound: 3/5
Plot: 1/5
Fun: 4/5

Overall: 15/25

Recommendation Rate: Recommended

Review for: The Stick Adventure


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